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How to check the information of any computer/server?

If you want to know the hardware and software available on your machine just type one command

Start >> Run > MSINFO32
and Press Enter.

It will show you all the info.

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Office365 Mailbox details with folders and subfolders

Hello Friends,
Sorry for coming back after a long time. Those are busy days with full pack of work.
I am here to share you the Power Shell command to get your OFFICE365 mailbox Sizes details available via Power shell commens.
1) First you have to open windows powershell on the machine.
2) Then You need to connect to your Office365 account. You can get details from
3) After connection You can type this command to get the details of all mailbox folders and subfolders.type below command in powershell window.

Get-Mailbox | Select-Object alias | foreach-object {Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -Identity $_.alias | select-object Identity, ItemsInFolder, FolderSize} | Export-csv c:\Stats.csv -NoTypeInformation

You can copy and paste it and no need to make any change. It will save a File at your C:\STATS.CSV.
Open it and You can see all details for your mailboxes.

Keep doing the Good work..!!



How to Delete a service which having no related substance on machine/Server?

Hello Friends,
It happen many times, we uninstall a particular application from a machine/server and after successfully uninstallation the SERVICE still present on Machine/Servers under SERVICES.MSC.
Here I am telling you a trick to delete such services.
I.e. I uninstalled Vipre Business Edition (Sunbelt) from one of my machine. After all done and I made a reboot, I found that SQL (SUNBELT) service is still present.
I try to start the service but unable to start.
I try to follow the KB article but that seems not working.
So FInally follow these steps and it starts working:-
Open a command prompt. (Run a command prompt as Administrator in Windows vista/7/8) 
Copy red command line and Paste. 
sc config "MSSQL$SUNBELT" start= disabled 

How to delete this service. 
sc delete "MSSQL$SUNBELT" 

Done. I hope the Service is deleted now.

Thanks and Keep sharing your feedback/questions/Answerr]

Windows is not Genuine..!! What to Do??

Hello Friends,

If you found that your window is not Genuine and You keep Getting Pop-up once you login on the machine.
You can Rearm it via Just typing one command in Command Prompt (Run as Administrator)

slmgr.vbs –rearm

Your Evalutation period will be extended.


Remotely Reboot of a machine via PSTools

Hello Friends,

Sometimes the shutdown -r command not work for remote reboot of a machine, You can try it via psexec utility comes with PStools.

Open command prompt and type..
C:>psshutdown \\machinename -r -e p:2:3


Change the Language of BackupExec Console

Hello Friends,

During our troubleshooting some times we found that the BACKUP EXEC installed on customer premises is not as per our Language. Until unless we not change it to desired language we would not be able to troubleshoot.

So If you want to make the langauge change of console, Just Open REGEDIT on that machine, Navigate to 

Select Edit | Add Value  Select "String Value" as the Data Type, and click OK. Now a Box will Open. Type Language in that. Press OK. Now again Double Click on "Language" and In the BOX enter your desired language code.
DE = German
EN = English
ES = Spanish
FR = French
IT  = Italian
JP = Japanese
PT = Portuguese
ZH = Chinese Simplified
CH = Chinese Traditional
RU = Russian
KO = Korean
Click on OKAY. Exit from REGISTRY. Close and Reopen the BACKUP EXEC. 
Now you can see the console in your desired language.

How to offline defrag Exchange server 2010 database

When working with exchange, it happen sometimes that the exchange database is using high disk space and even you and users are deleting/archived some mails but the size is not getting low.

In that scenario, You an exchange administrator or system administrator must perform offline defragmentation of database.

There are some points which you must be follow before starting the offline defragmentation:-

1) During the offline defragmentation exchange service would be stopped. So no mail access would be working during that time

2) Before making some free disk space for the drive in which exchange database present, you need approx 1.1x of database size somewhere in your network. 
First you need to check how much white space you have in your exchange database. White space means the space which will be free once you run the defrag utility.
to check it you can open Exchange management shell and type.
Get-MailboxDatabase -Status | ft name,databasesize,availablenewmailboxspace -auto[PS] C:\>Get-Mail…