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Unable to install AVG, Error code:0xC0070643, Solved...!!

We want to install AVG Business edition for one of our Server having Windows Server 2008 R2.
Whenever we trying to install getting the "Error Code:0xC0070643. Installing 3rd parties redistributables.,MSI action failed.".
I tried to run the AVg Remover, Still not resolved. Chcked and found that OS is updated with latest Hotfixes, So there is no issue with Windows Updates.Rebooted the Server, Still not resolved.Finally I found one Link from AVG Support center, Fix for 0xC0070643, I run the tool and its Showing me that Error not solved, But Still I tried to run the Installer.exe again. And finally its installed successfully.
Let me know if you have any questions..!!

Vipre Agent Installation failed from Vipre Console 5.0.4943

Problem: We have Upgraded our Vipre Console from 4.0 to 5.0. Now we have to make the installation for the Client Computers via Console. When we trying to make a install via Console We are getting below mentioned Error "Agent Installation Failed"

Solution :- When we checked the Credentials and found its correct. Checked and found that We are unable to connect to Client machine via Server via UNC Path. (Start > Run > \\ClientPCname\c$).
We checked and found that Network Discovery is ON.

Finally when we logged in to the Client, Checked and found that Firewall is ON. We disabled the firewall and Retry to Push the Vipre fromVipre Console.

Its installed Successfully.

Vipre Console 5.0.4943 is Connecting and Disconnecting.

Today I Upgraded my Vipre Console from 4.0 to 5.0.4943 and Once the Upgradation Completed. It was working fine. I Opend the Console and Did some changes to the settings, Applied the changes and Closed it.
After some time when I reopen it I found that its not opening, In Console its Showing Connecting, Disconnecting.
I checked and found that Vipre Business Site Service is also working fine. (It was started already, I made it restarted ) but still the Issue not resolved.

Finally I found that I should rename the vssconfig.xml file Located in (\Documents and Settings\all users\Application Data\Sunbelt\Enterprise\Configuration). In Your case it may be in either of this location:-
\Documents and Settings\all users\Application Data\GFI Software\Enterprise\Configuration
\Programdata\GFI Software\Enterprise\Configuration

Please make sure that the xml file should be in 0KB size, Just Rename it. Now once you reopen the Vipre Console it will ask f…

Unable to connect through Remote Desktop Connection?

OS : Windows Server 2008 R2

Problem: You are unable to connect to your windows Server 2008 R2 machine via Remote Desktop Connection (MSTSC) after you installed the SP1.

Solution: We found that there is some Problem with one KB released by Microsoft. If you have installed the KB2667402 Earlier via Windows Update or any other tools and You Installed the SP1 Successfully. Your Server will not allow to connect to any person through Remote Desktop Connection.
You have to go to control panel and Add Remove Software Wizard and Check if this KB 2667402 has been installed.
make it uninstalled and Reboot the Server.

and Your Problem is Resolved..!!