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Error:502 Source:Folder Redirection

We have a windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise and we found that in the Event Viewer we have this Error.
We checked and found that Error details are Given below:-

Failed to apply policy and redirect folder "Desktop" to "\\DOMAINSERVERNAME\users\rose-marier\Desktop".
Redirection options=0x1211.
The following error occurred: "Impossible de créer le dossier "\\DOMAINSERVERNAME\users\rose-marier\Desktop"".
Error details: "Cet ID de sécurité ne peut être défini en tant que propriétaire de cet objet.

 we Enable or Disable both "Grant the user exclusive rights to Documents" and "Also apply redirection policy to Windows 2000, Windows 200 Server, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 operating systems". When both are enabled then the Synchronization Partnership is successfully created and documents are synchronized between the local profile and the home directory.

We observed that now the Error is not Coming and its resolved now.


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How to schedule an Automatic Reboot of WatchGuard Firebox?

We have a Customer who having some issues with the WatchGuard Firewall,
We want to schedule a Reboot of the Firebox Each morning at 04:30AM so that when customer arrive in the office he would not face any problem.
For this :
1) Click on WatchGuard Firebox ICON (You may be having a Shortcut on your Desktop)
2) Give the Password to connect to Concern Firewall
3) Once you Connected, Go to File > Connect to Device > Choose the Firewall IP and Click on Connect. It may ask for the password, Please provide that.
4) Once you connected it will show you the Firewall with all the configuration.
5) Right Click on it and Go to Policy manager > When Policy manager Open, Click on "Setup" and then "Global Settings", At the Last you will found an option to define the time when you want a Schedule Reboot.

After making the change, Don't forget to make it Save in the Firewall Config File.

ShadowProtect:Cannot Consolidate:Keyfile not found

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We checked and found that everything is correct.
Finally when we contacted the StorageCraft team they suggest us to create a Key file from C:\PrgramFiles\StorageCraft\Keymaker.exe
Run this EXE, Use the Password (Any password which you can remember), Browse the Same file (Which is in the Error),After selection give the extention .spk and save it.
Refresh the Image manager (Restart the service) and Check.
It will be resolved.

For details follow this article.

"Options" option not working on OWA (Outlook Web Access)

When we opening a OWA and Going to options to change the password/Configure the Out of Office or something else, We are getting logged out.


To resolve this you must have to connect to your Exchange Server.
Go to EMC > Server Configuration > Exchange Control Panel > ECP > Properties. Made the change the ECP Settings (changed from Use Form based authentication to Basic Authentication). It will work now.