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Windows Installer coordinator keep running again and again

Sometimes you found that when you installing some MSI package on TS/XenApp Server, The installation is not completing and you getting one Pop-Up "Windows installer Coordinator" which seems continuously running.
 To resolve this create and set the following dword value to 0:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services\TSAppSrv\TSMSI\Enable

If this value is not present then create it your self.

The issue will be resolved.

You can find more information in this link

Unable to Open Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Console 503: Service Unavailable error.

We installed the Trend Micro Server on a Windows Server 2008 Server. Since last some days we are unable to open the Trend Micro Console. Its saying page cannot be displayed.
We rebooted the Server already. All Services seems OKAY.
There are instances that the Application Pool unexpectedly stops and does not restart automatically. As a result, you will get the 503: Service Unavailable error.
To resolve the issue, do either of the following:

Option I:
1.Click Start > Run.
2.Enter "cmd" and click OK.
3.From the command prompt, enter the following command to start the application pool:
%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd start apppool OsceAppPool

Option II:
1.Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
2.Go to Application Pool.
3.Start OsceAppPool.
4.Click Advanced Settings.

5.Make sure that Start Automatically is set to "True"
I checked and found its resolved now.
Let me know if you have any questions..

"Options" option not working on OWA (Outlook Web Access)

When we opening a OWA and Going to options to change the password/Configure the Out of Office or something else, We are getting logged out.


To resolve this you must have to connect to your Exchange Server.
Go to EMC > Server Configuration > Exchange Control Panel > ECP > Properties. Made the change the ECP Settings (changed from Use Form based authentication to Basic Authentication). It will work now.

Error 404 Cannot Open File smb (-2 The system cannot find the file specified.)

Dear Friends,
We having StorageCraft Shadow Protect installed and we found that backups are getting failed.
The Error saying Cannot open the file.On all our jobs we see strange names for the backup files,
i.e. C_VOLC_VOLC_VOL-b001.spf (-2 The system cannot find the file specified.)
E_VOLE_VOLE_VOL-b001.spf (-2 The system cannot find the file specified.)
It should be C_Vol-b001-spf and E_VOL-b001.spf.

To resolve this you must follow below steps:-

1) Open the Registry (Start > Run > Regedit)
2) Navigate to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ShadowProtectSvc\Parameters\Job
Open the GUID , you will see Tasks, under takes you have for each volume a individual GUID
On the right side check the Key
If the Value is like: C_VOLC_VOLC_VOL-b001.spf is wrong
Change it to
C_VOL-b001.spf ( of course the complete path) 

You need to check this for all volumes.

3) After this not forget to restart the ShadowProtect Service.
Run the incremental backup now

It will work n…