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How to convert .VDI to .VMDK and .VMDK to .VDI

Hello Friends,

If you working with Virtual Machines (Oracle Virtual Box and VMWARE), Then sometimes we need to convert the Disk files from .VDI to .VMDK and .VMDK to .VDI.
Below are the commands to make it convert. (To convert make sure that Oracle Virtual BOX installed).

To convert from .VDI to .VMDK:-
 c:\program files\sun\VirtualBox> VBoxManage clonehd "The Path of.vdi" "The Path of .vmdk" -format VMDK
Hit <<Enter>>.
It will starts converting.

To convert from .VMDK to .VDI:-
c:\program files\sun\VirtualBox> VBoxManage clonehd "The Path of.vmdk" "The Path of .vdi" -format VDI
Hit <<Enter>>.
It will starts converting

*****The Path can be change of Virtual box as per your installation.*****

Let me know if you face any issues.

Thanks for reading this.