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How to update GFI Agent version for devices?

Updatind the Agent is actually very simple.  1) The simplest methode and quickest way as far as I am concerned will be to download the Agent from the RMM (Dashboard) while you are loggeg on into the server or use the executable Agent you have download to install it direcly on the server. From the Agent tab on the Dashboard: Agent>Download Agent v9.5.2 RC or v9.4.0 2) Alternatively by double clicking on the device or right-clicking the device and selecting Edit Device>Agent version ( at the right-hand side of the screen) Update Agent and select the version you wish and finish with Ok! To save the setting.

3) And last but not the least from the Agent tab where you started in the beginning click Agent Auto-update settings. This last one is more interesting for all Servers or Workstations Agent update at once or on a Client or Site level base update

GFI Agent Portal showing RED for some devices

We found that the GFI Agent Portal is showing RED for some devices.
When you click on this device its showing "OVERDUE".

When you login to device (SERVER/PC), its showing everything OKAY. GFI Agent is having latest AV Definitions. All Schedule backup is also running.

To resolve this, Just login to the device (SERVER/PC) and check for "Advanced Monitoring Agent" service.
It must be stopped, Start it.

Wait for 15seconds, The red alert removed from GFI Portal.